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Audi S6

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 Audi has brought several cars with an index “S” namely S6 and S7. For real connoisseurs of the Audi brand the letter “S” means a lot, but for some this is a whole philosophy of speed. Stylish power combined with exceptional comfort and elegant understatement in a luxurious appearance - all this is Audi S6. The model is the sport flagship of the Audi A6, which created a furore, burst onto the market in 2004, and since then never ceases to receive the approval of customers and car experts.


The car is equipped with a 4-liter biturbo engine TFSI 420 hp and it is only available in all-wheel drive variant. As the car has 7-speed S Tronic, the torque does not exceed 550 Nm. Up to 100 km / h Audi S6 accelerates in 4.6 seconds (one second faster than the new hatchback and wagon series S). As for the top speed, there is an electronic speed limit to 250 km / h, in fact as usual.

Another “trick” of the new engine is the ability to turn off half of the cylinders. If the computer “notices” your relaxed drive, then it simply closes the valve, turns off the ignition and ceases fuel delivery of 2-, 3-, 5-, and 8th cylinders. It is impossible to feel this moment, as part of low frequency electromagnetic vibrations are killed by engine mounts, and the rest are cleared by using Active noise control technology.


The appearance of S changed not significantly, but noticeably. The main distinguishing features of S6 and S7 from the standard models are front bumper, grille and wheels. It is important to understand that the Audi S6 is different from A6 not only by the design and equipment, but also by the dimensions and characteristics of the chassis. Sport sedan is longer and as a consequence heavier, it is equipped with special tuned shock absorbers and steering, shorter springs and a 10 mm reduced ground clearance.


The interior received a different finish of the elements with carbon, which can be found almost in any sports car at the present time. The basic package of Audi S6 includes sports seats trimmed with leather and Alcantara, xenon lights, MMI multimedia system with a color display and sound system (12 speakers). For an additional fee you can order a four-zone climate control, all-sky cameras, seats with massage function and ventilation systems, adaptive cruise control, night vision systems and other equipment.

Letter “S” in the model designation is evidence of unceasing struggle of Audi Company for outstanding achievements in motorsport. Sports in nature - the main distinguishing feature of vehicles range S. In addition, Audi cars are traditionally valued for their high level of comfort, sophisticated design and impeccable quality. All sports models, as you may notice from Audi S6 Review, are traditionally aggregated with high performance engines, permanent all-wheel drive quattro and the body with its characteristic dynamic features.

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