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Volkswagen Works On More Affordable Car Batteries

Volkswagen Works On More Affordable Car Batteries

Nowadays, the leading world automakers work on electric vehicles that wouldn’t yield to ordinary, petrol or diesel ones in terms of performance. They try to create cars that would be as powerful as ones filled up with fuel (or even more powerful) but completely environmentally friendly at the same time. Some results have been already achieved. For instance, the Tesla Model S EV can cover a distance of 300-450 km per full charge.

The idea is great and noble. The problem is far not everybody can afford battery-running vehicles. Regarding this, Volkswagen’s specialists from the Electronic Research Laboratory in Silicon Valley tackle the problem of creating still powerful but much cheaper batteries, reported Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen AG CEO. He added that the automaker would introduce an EV able to go up to 300 km on a single charge soon.

300 km per full charge is less than the Tesla Model S offers (up to 450 km) but more than the Nissan Leaf (200 km) is capable of. If Volkswagen manages to cut down the price for EVs, it can be a turning point in automotive history. More people will drive environmentally friendly autos because they’ll become more accessible.

Winterkorn also notified that they intend to produce a three-wheel electric scooter called the Last Mile Surfer. It’s going to be smaller than a Segway and go for less than €1,000. The scooter can be put in a car’s boot that’s a valuable feature if you park far from your destination – you can get there by it. However, at Volkswagen they hope the scooter will become a main means of transportation for many people.

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