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Volvo Represents the Excellence Child Seat Concept in the 2016 XC90

Volvo Represents the Excellence Child Seat Concept in the 2016 XC90

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the Volvo XC90 Excellence was unveiled. Apart from new design, the auto got some brand-new features that strengthen the manufacturer’s position in luxurious autos category.

The manufacturer took care of a driver’s comfort and safety while travelling (as always) by introducing the Lounge Console Concept. Also, the automaker didn’t forget about little passengers who are often hard to please –the Excellence Child Seat Concept was represented.

The Excellence Child Seat Concept is a symbol of a much easier and more pleasant way of travelling with a child. An ergonomic child seat is put instead of a front one on a special stage. A parent can turn it while putting a child in and then fix it so that a kid faces the rear.

Volvo insists to carry children under 3-4 years old facing the rear. The thing is that neck muscles in kids of this age are still underdeveloped while a head is disproportionately large regarding the rest of the body. Such a position has another advantage – it lets a child keep an eye contact with a driver and rear-seat passengers.

Also, there’s storage space behind and under the seat where diapers, blankets, bottles, etc. can be put. In front of it, there’s enough room for a big bag. A bottle with baby food will be warm during the journey as cup holders in the seat perform such a function.

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